Color Inspiration: Blue Weddings

Blue is one of those colors that is so hard to find in flowers and foliage. Did you know that there is no such thing as a true blue pigment in flowers? Flowers are pretty sneaky and actually take red anthocyanin pigments (that's a real thing) and modify the red by changing the pH and juggling around different ions to replicate what looks like blue on the surface.

So why the trickery? Flowers and plants have evolved over thousands of years to help them spread their lovely pollen EVERYWHERE. Many birds and insects (hello potential pollinators!) see blue light wavelengths really clearly, so flowers have adapted to be more visible to their ideal Tinder match. (Don't think I'm condoning changing yourself for some schmuck on Tinder----girl, you are better than that!)

Long story short, flowers are so smart! Without brains or spines or sentience, they've managed to play Darwin's game and make our world more beautiful and diverse. Even though we don't have a blue rose or orchid (except for those monstrosities that they sell at your local grocery store that belong on an episode of Stranger Things because they are an ABOMINATION!), there are so many blue blooms out there.

I love coupling blue with your traditional white/cream/ivory palette to make a classic, elegant arrangement. I also love pairing blue with some bright, springy colors like coral and pink to make all of the lovely hues pop out and speak up! You can also hit up all of those pastels---lavender, blush pink, sage green, and baby blue---to soothe you with dainty and delicate shades that transport you back to a world like The Secret Garden.

It's really important not to use too much blue in an arrangement. Psychologists have found that the right amount of blue can promote serenity, productivity, and calmness. However, blue quickly overwhelms arrangements in large quantities and can depress the audience when used in copious amounts. I've included my work that involves blue in manageable doses and in all sorts of color schemes. Which is your favorite??

Looking for blue blooms in your big day? Try some of these:

  • Delphinium

  • Eryngium

  • Tweedia

  • Anenomes (that dark blue center is all the heart eyes!)

  • Nigella

  • Grape hyacinth

  • Iris

  • Hydrangea

  • Agapanthus

I hope you've learned lots about blue in this first installment of our color series! Coming soon: color inspiration from Pantone's color of the year----CORAL!!!

Getting married in Austin or central Texas? Flower and Vine Floral would love to bring your blue wedding dreams to life as the florist for your event.

Photos by Meg Bird Photo, As Ever Photography, Mary Jessica Photo, Jessa Rae Photo, Shutterworx, Savanna Richardson Photography, Rachel Garrett Photography, Meghan Hess Photography, Chanelle Alyssa Photo, Rachel Reyes Photography, and Calluna Bella Photography.

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