Bold and Daring

Have you ever had one of those moments where you hesitate because you are out of your comfort zone? Have you ever thought that you aren't _______ (delicate, talented, creative, bright, warm, real, whatever) enough to try something? I have learned from experience that we are ALL capable of trying something new, scary, bold, and daring and SUCCEEDING because there isn't an external factor preventing you from trying----it's all down to your determination to make it happen, or wait and hope it happens someday.

That's what this shoot is about for me! I haven't had a lot of confidence channeling the idea of "BIG" in my bouquets and arrangements (pretty much all of my designs). I love simple, and personally I can often feel that I'm making myself as *small* as possible to make sure everything is simple for others. But for this, I really pushed myself to own what I wanted to create: a big, beautiful bouquet that is unapologetic and in your face; a giant floor piece to bring a little bit of the wild, carefree nature of an overgrown mountain meadow indoors.

Also WOW LOOK AT THAT LIGHTING AND CHANDELIER AND DRESS. I'm so proud of my friend Jessica Fullmer who is so talented and able to create so much beauty with fabric and needle and thread! Brides, if you are looking for some amazing custom gown action, look.her.up.

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Thank you to the following vendors for their talents, contributions, and artistry:

Madison D'huart Photography / Restaurant George / Vintage Goblets / Bake me a Kake / Makeup by Katina / Sparrow Station, Accessories / Halli Bunker, Model /

Ink Splashed Invitations

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